Evolution Radio Zaterdag 21.00-00.00 uur

Evolution Radio Zaterdag 21.00-00.00 uur

Genre: live dance "in-the-mix"

His Motto: every song has its own little story. Paul MixTailes puts these little stories together, creating a cocktail with only the best ingredients of dance music. Paul MixTailes He is NOT a DJ, he is a story teller.

His game: Evolution Radio

Evolution Radio is not just a name. It represents the urge to do whatever feels good at any given moment. Electro, Dirty, Trance, Disco …whatever… whenever …fulfilling your mood! As long as it’s uplifting, it’s GOOD! Not only concentrating on House music, but also on Funk, Reggae or even producing music for a Dutch level A artist. As long as It’s uplifting… Music is fun! It should bring you joy! Why stop at one style?

His website: http://www.mixtailes.com

Live mixer: Paul MixTailes.